Read before you order

We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders. Earliest pick up time available will be sent with payment details. KINDLY MAKE SURE ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL AS YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO REVISE OR ADD TO YOUR ORDER ANYMORE ONCE WE CLOSE SLOTS.

If you are unable to choose a pick up date in the date selector, it means slots are already full for that day. Your chosen pick up date will reflect on the subject of emails you will receive from us. 

You will receive an infographic guide in your email once you are able to place your order. Kindly go through this and wait until we are able to confirm your order and pick up time.

Cutoff for payment is 4PM of the day before your pick up date. You may pay once you receive payment details up until 4PM of the day before your order. Unpaid orders will automatically be cancelled.






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